Special lecture on video content ⑦ New American Cinema, American New Cinema and before and after/Spielberg etc. (New American movies)

The Great Waldo Pepper is a 1975 American film.

Director and original story by George Roy Hill, screenplay by William Goldman, cinematography by Robert Surtees, editor by William Reynolds, star Robert Redford, and the staff and cast of “The Sting” reunite. It is also director Roy Hill and Redford’s third collaboration after “Shoot for Tomorrow!” and “The Sting.” This is a drama about an aircraft pilot, and like “Shoot for Tomorrow!” (1890s) and “The Sting” (1930s), it is set in a past era. It depicts the lives of men who were fascinated by flying and dedicated their lives to it.


⓪Jonas Mekas “We don’t need rose-colored movies. We want blood-colored movies!” 1960 Declaration “Reminiscences of a trip to Lithuania” and others. Personal films, personal novels, reference, Mekasu’s movie diary


① “Easy Rider” 1969 America Dennis Hopper (Wild Angel)

A masterpiece of American new cinema. Despite being a low-budget film, it became a hit all over the world. It can be said to be the world’s first PV. The ending is that the main character is shot (beaten to death) for (almost) no reason. It’s difficult to know how to translate Easy rider. It’s also difficult to understand. If I had to say so, I would call it a “carefree bike trip.” Harley-davidson also has a model called Lowrider, but this is also a little different. Because the bike that comes out is chopper. In the context of motorcycle movies, there were some that were a little more comical, or more violent, based on the Hells Angels. From there, I created a work that incorporated road movie-like or poetic elements. This may be the most difficult film to explain. There are many movies that were difficult to understand and were not well received by the public. However, this is a rare example of such a difficult work becoming a huge hit. I can’t talk about hippie culture and the excitement and mood of the 1969 era.

Reference work “The Wild Angels” 1966 Produced by Peter Fonda and Roger Corman, featuring the Hells Angels.

② “The Graduate” 1967 America

Directed by Mike Nichols and directed by Dustin Hoffman, the soundtrack of this film is excellent. A story where the main character gets to know his girlfriend’s mother. The scene in which he brandishes a cross and takes back his girlfriend’s lover is famous. What makes it stand out is that it doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. Director Mike Nichols purposely delayed Cut’s voice when filming the scene on the bus after retrieving his bride, capturing the smiling faces of the couple as they gradually become anxious. It is said that this was because they wanted to imply that their future would not be happy.


③ “Taxi driver” 1976 America

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Jodie Foster. Depicts the madness and loneliness of a Vietnam War veteran. He also raises the question of what is good and what is evil. The way he becomes a hero by killing a lot of people is ironic about war. The complex character of the main character, played by De Niro, won the sympathy of many audiences.



④ “2001: A Space Odyssey” 1968

America Arthur C Clarke, Stanley Kubrick.

A work with the theme of “What is the universe? What is humanity/history/evolution?” There are few movies with such grand themes. A work in which the original work (novel) and the movie were produced simultaneously. It was produced almost exclusively with special effects in an era when there was almost no CG. This work was shot with the camera somersaulting to represent weightlessness. This work is science fiction, but at the same time contains philosophical and experimental elements. Although it is difficult to understand, it also achieved number one in box office revenue for the year.


⑤ “Star Wars” 1977or American graffiti 1973 Director/Screenplay by George Lucas

This work was clearly different from the previous American film context, and in a sense marked the end of American New Cinema. There is a gravitational force inside the spaceship, and there is an explosion sound as it floats in space. It revolutionized the previous serious, anti-, or underground films, and coined the term space opera. A series of nine stories had already been written at the screenplay stage, and the fourth story was the first to be made into a movie. Normally, we take a completely different approach to producing a sequel than deciding on a sequel based on a hit.


⑥“Back to the future” 1985 American movie

“JAWS” 1975 Directed by Steven Spielberg, 27 years old at the time

Easy-to-understand direction, script, and excellent cuts. Panic movies became very popular due to this movie. After this, he produced a series of hit films (entertainment works that reward good and punish evil) such as “Close Encounters”, “Raiders”, and “ET”, and this series of movements brought about the complete end of American New Cinema. These movies are movies that you can enjoy watching with your family while eating popcorn, and you can buy lots of merchandise on the way home. It can be said that it is a very good movie (business) for theaters, promoters, and investors.


Reference: Should you watch Taxi Driver with your family? Would you watch a movie like this while munching on popcorn? Would I buy a lot of goods from works like this before going home?

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