4th Special lecture on video content “Silent movies, comedy movies and their genealogy” etc.

4th 2023. wintter class  Special lecture on video content “Silent movies, comedy movies and their genealogy” etc.

① The world’s first comedy film Lumière “The Conflict of Women” and others Last screened around 1895

② 1926 Keaton’s Great Train Chase Buster Keaton

③CityLight “Chaplin’s unfortunate upbringing, social satire, and social message”

Always depicting social satire and human love through laughter

・Golden Crazy Era 1925 The focus was on Pan’s dance. eat shoes

・City Lights 1931 One of the best works in the world or cinema

A work that has a strong theme of external factors such as economic disparity and recession, as well as human love and compassion, and on the surface depicts it with a thoroughly comedic touch. 1931, USA. Production cost: 1.5 million dollars (22,850,478 dollars, 2019 value conversion) 2.5 billion yen)

・Modern Times 1936 A social satire comedy. Irony about civilization and mechanization.

④ “Blues Brothers” 1980 American movie

A fusion of Blues (music), comedy and action. Starring James Brown, Ray Charles, and others. There is still a Hall of Fame in Chicago.

Aside from its surface level of fun, there is an underlying respect for “Blues” or black culture, as well as compassion for things like church music. (Reference: Blues in Japan Keiko Fuji et al.)

Hong Kong movie action comedy

⑤ Jim Carry, the king of improvisation (but I haven’t watched him lately, probably because he has such a strong personality)

“Ace Ventura” 1994 America His first starring role in Jim Carrey

“Liar Liar” 1997 America Jim Carrey’s facial expressions are a sight to behold.

→“Double Gaeshi” and more are also parodies here!

⑥ “Shimotsuma Monogatari” Japan 2004 work Directed by Tetsuya Nakajima Original work included

Released in over 100 theaters in France

Starring Kyoko Fukada, Anna Tsuchiya, social message…no particular (characteristic of Japanese movies)

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