3rd Historical Drama Samurai Movie  

3rd Historical Drama Samurai Movie  2023.fall class


○ Samurai Movies “What is a historical drama?” – Samurai and the era recorded by Lumière, circa 1897 “Japanese swordsmanship” – Why did the samurai disappear? ・Relationship with world history and modern civilization ・Kembu Memories of performances such as professional kendo matches and historical dramas (Rikidozan/pro wrestling in the early days of television)


○ “Seven Samurai” 1954, directed by Akira Kurosawa, a masterpiece of historical drama. It influenced many later films. Remade in Hollywood (Influence on the world of historical dramas, Kurosawa films and Star Wars, Seven Samurai, Seven Men in the Wilderness)


○ Sanjuro Tsubaki 1962 Directed by Akira Kurosawa The final duel is famous. Depiction of the most famous encounter


○“Zatoichi Monogatari” 1962 Entertainer Katsushin Yuo and the New Hero

・The rise and fall of Uzumasa’s vices in Kyoto ・The image of a dirty hero who is blind, a zato, and a yakuza.


・Today’s period samurai drama: Toyama’s Kin-san, Mito Komon, Zenigata Heiji, and Abarenbo Shogun. NHK Taiga.


○Hollywood period drama: Misunderstanding of Japanese culture

・”The Last Samurai” “Red Sun” 1971 France, Italy, Spain co-production

Cast: Toshiro Mifune, Alain Delon, Charles Bronson


○Mata Tabi 1973 Real New Wave Historical Drama

・ATG and the samurai movie “Mata Tabi”.


○Setsuko Narayama 1983 A historical drama that is a real history of customs and customs, not a samurai movie. Second film adaptation

・Traditional folk tales: The lives and customs of villagers. 1982 Cannes Grand Prix Winner

・“Ubasuteyama and Narayama Bushu”


○Star wars It’s a science fiction movie, but it’s a strange movie where you have to face off against each other. Even though ray guns and missile weapons appear in this movie, for some reason no one finds it strange that the final battle is against Chanbara. Using Sword weapons as a final fight.


○Scientific consideration of historical dramas

・Swords and modern weapons: remnants of an era dominated by iron tools

– Comparison with western movies – Kenpo, swords, kusarigama, spears, bare skin swordsmanship and armored swordsmanship. Differences from Western swordsmanship. ・Sword proficiency. The tradition of Japanese swords, Japanese knives. others

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